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Homemade vs Shop-Bought Energy Bars

Gracie Watkins
Energy bars are fantastic for a quick, convenient snack on the go and great for pre and post-workouts. However, there are two different types of energy bars, homemade and shop-bought. In this article, we take a look at homemade vs shop-bought energy bars.


Energy bars, in general, are great for convenience, they can be packed in your bag or taken with you to a training session, and you don’t need any special type of storage. For the ultimate convenience, shop-bought energy bars are the best option as you don’t need to go to the effort of making them. In addition, they often come packaged individually, which makes it even more convenient to take them on the go. Shop-bought energy bars also last much longer compared to the ones you make at home yourself. If convenience is the main reason for using energy bars, shop-bought ones are the best option.

The ingredients 

The great thing about making your own energy bars is you can have full control over the ingredients; this is especially important if you have allergies or a specific dietary requirement. Shop-bought energy bars will often include ingredients you might not recognise; these are typically used to preserve the bar and extend the shelf life. Many people are happy to eat shop-bought energy bars as the ingredients do not concern them; there are also lots of vegan-friendly and gluten-free shop-bought energy bars that are great for people who eat these diets. If you’re worried about the ingredients of energy bars, the best option is to make them yourself, as you will have complete control over what ingredients you use.

Taste and texture

Energy bars are perfect for providing a quick, easy energy boost on the go; however, they also need to taste good and have a pleasing texture. Food brands that create energy bars spend lots of money and time researching and developing the flavour and texture of their bars. They often bring out new interesting flavours that can be hard to achieve in the kitchen yourself. Homemade energy bars can taste just as good, but you might need to experiment with a few different recipes before perfecting one that matches the fantastic taste of shop-bought energy bars.

Cooking skills

If you buy an energy bar from the shop, you need no cooking skills; the same can’t be said for energy bars you make at home. If you love to cook and your skills are great, this might not be a problem for you. However, there are lots of people who struggle with cooking and simply don’t enjoy the process. For these people, shop-bought energy bars are the better option as you don’t need any knowledge, kitchen equipment or patience; you can simply open and eat the bar straight from the package. 


The cost of buying energy bars and making your own at home can vary; some can be purchased in bulk online for a low cost, whereas other premium bars can be costly. Making your own also comes at a cost; you need to buy all of the ingredients and pans to make the energy bars and pay for any electricity or gas costs associated with the cooking. Often making your own energy bars ends up cheaper than buying them premade from a shop, but it all depends on where you purchase the ingredients and the cost of these components. If you want to reduce costs, there are many online recipes that create low-cost energy bars
Energy bars are fantastic for athletes and everyone else; you can buy them in a range of flavours or make your own at home with just a few ingredients. The choice of whether to make your own or purchase them from a shop will depend on several factors. If convenience is the main consideration, then buying energy bars from a shop is the better option. If you want to be able to control the ingredients, taste and texture, you should make your own at home. For those with poor cooking skills buying energy bars would ensure you have something that’s delicious and doesn’t require as much effort. Making your own bars at home is the best choice if you want to keep costs low.